Federal Laws state you MUST destroy old records on a regular basis. “Regular basis” can mean different things to different companies. Some companies generate enough paper to justify Weekly shredding service while others only need to shred once or twice per year. If your company needs shredding on a regular, recurring schedule then Mohave Shred can help. If you need weekly, bi-weekly or monthly shredding service it’s not a problem. No business or company is too large or too small for Mohave Shred.

What We Provide

  • We provide locking executive cabinets free of charge as a part of our Scheduled Shredding Services
    Executive Cabinets hold about 100 lbs. of paper or roughly 3 standard size bankers’ boxes.
  • We provide locking security bins free of charge
    Security bins hold 200 lbs. & 300 lbs. of paper or roughly 7 to 10 standard size bankers’ boxes.
  • Available weekly or monthly
  • Certificate of Destruction issued with every shred
  • Mohave County’s Only Certified Secure Destruction Specialist, CSDS