Outsourcing Information Disposal: A “Best Practice” For Your Business

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March 8, 2013
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Although both state and federal government have enforced the enactment of laws that protect the security and privacy of individuals, there are still those that make the mistake of shredding and recycling in-house. Outsourcing your shredding and recycling needs to an on-site shredding company like Mohave Shred is actually less expensive than shredding and recycling in-house. When you consider the cost of labor, the cost of in-house shredders (and replacement shredders), maintenance costs, implicit costs such as electricity and disposal, you will find that using an outsourced shredding and recycling service like Mohave Shred is 40-60% less than shredding in-house.

Take a different perspective. Mohave Shred’s largest security container will hold 350 pounds of paper. Mohave Shred’s fuel friendly, State-Of-The-Art shredding trucks can handle 8,000 pounds of paper in less than one hour and would take less than 3 minutes to shred 350 pounds. A standard office shredder would need over 26 hours to shred the same 350 pounds of paper. Factor in employee wages and that alone is far more expensive than using Mohave Shred. From a real-cost production standpoint, it makes more sense to hire Mohave Shred’s on-site document shredding and recycling.

Studies have found that most office managers estimated the cost of a secure on-site destruction service to be $150 to $200 per month, when in reality, it could be far less.


If you’ve ever used an office shredder we all know how unproductive they actually are. First, you have to remove any staples, paper clips or binders to prevent the office shredder from overheating, jamming or breaking down. This is very frustrating and a huge waste of money and an employee’s valuable time. Second, you have to hand feed just a few pages at a time into the office shredder. If a medical office actually destroyed everything it should, the time spent by employees running the slow office shredder would increase dramatically.

Mohave Shred’s mobile shredding trucks do not require employees to remove staples, clips or binders and they save you time from having to shred just a few papers at a time. Mohave Shred provides locking shredding containers at no additional cost to be placed strategically at your business to ensure the process is simple for all employees. Your materials are kept secure while transported to the truck and then completely destroyed on-site in a matter of minutes. Mohave Shred provides a Certificate of Destruction that certifies your confidential materials have been properly and securely destroyed.


If you are relying on an office shredder to destroy sensitive information you are operating under a false sense of security. Look at the bigger picture! Employees are more productive when they are focused on their core responsibilities. Employees are busy performing their duties and tasks making it very easy for them to bypass the shredding and recycling process when it is frustrating and a waste of their time to have to use an office shredder. On top of that, confidential information should not be handled by lower level employees who usually get stuck with feeding the office shredder. Additionally, employees underestimate what needs to be shredded. For example, they don’t understand that a simple phone message from Mr. Jones that he is having pain problems with his recent hip surgery is a confidential patient communication that needs to be destroyed.

We are at a point in time where almost every piece of paper could be considered sensitive and needs to be shredded. When you outsource your company’s shredding and recycling it forces employees to realize the importance of properly discarding company information. It is time to stop viewing outsourced shredding and recycling as just another unwanted line item in the expense ledger. Outsourcing your shredding and recycling to Mohave Shred is the most secure process and we invite you to view your materials being shredded through video cameras on our trucks.

There is a reason outsourcing shredding and recycling to an on-site shredding company like Mohave Shred is the most commonly used shredding service for business, healthcare, education and government. It is cost-effective, it is efficient and it’s the most secure.


Outsourcing provides a regulatory safety net by creating a compliance paper trail, as well as the training and policies provided by our qualified secure destruction specialists. Auditors and regulators have nothing to verify that employees are complying when shredding is done in-house. To establish a record of compliance an employee(s) would have to log every time they destroyed something, noting their name, the item and the date. Having this record is critical if a concern were to arise.

Studies have found that companies shredding in-house cannot provide such record. Contracting with a secure on-site shredding company like Mohave Shred provides an ongoing record of regulatory compliance.

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